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Proto Plans is an abbreviation for Prototype Floor Plans. Prototype plans have been used by large national businesses for decades because it is simply more efficient and economical than having a new building designed for each individual location. Until now, there was no way for an independent business owner to gain some of the same benefits. is a searchable database of commercial floor plans that have been pre-designed with the small business consumer in mind. Our Proto Plans library is constantly growing and evolving and will include childcare, clubhouse, education, fitness, multi-family, office, religious, restaurant, retail, senior living, and warehouse floor plans.

Various styles and sizes of floorplans have been created by multiple architects to give you a wide variety of choices. If you don’t see something you like, find a style that appeals to you and then contact the architect who designed it.

In a rush for a commercial building plan? We’ve got you covered. Pre-designed commercial building plans for purchase will save you months of design phase time so that you can get to the construction phase of your project sooner.

Are you worried that you’ll hire an Architect, only to be disappointed in the design he comes up with for you? Pre-designed commercial building plans take the guesswork out of what you’re buying. With Proto Plans you get to see the product first before you buy. You are eliminating those awkward conversations where you try to explain to the architect that you don’t like their design.

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